Digital Transformation Project

Semester: Summer Term
Course Type: Seminar
Type of Interaction: Digital Transformation Project is a small course with max. 30 students.
  • This course is brought to you on sight in person.
  • The course has a lecture-guided format with a project-based application of learnings.
  • The course is structured by synchronous lectures once a week, in which key concepts for successful completion of the course will be explained.
  • In addition, knowledge bites are provided online, which need to be absorbed asynchronously and will then be discussed during the synchronous lectures.
  • Moreover, students will be divided into teams to work on projects. Here you will be able to work asynchronously, meaning the timing of the completion of tasks is at your own disposal and only needs to be coordinated within your team and with your mentors from our industry partner.
  • Solution development sessions are offered on-demand virtually or in-person at WiSo (Lange Gasse 20).
Location: LG 5.155 (WiSo, Lange Gasse 20)
Time: Wednesdays:

Lecture: 13:15 – 14:45

Exercise: 15:00 – 16:30

17.04.2024 – 13:15 – 14:45

at WiSo (Lange Gasse 20, 90403 Nuremberg)

Room LG 0.424 (WiSo, Lange Gasse 20)

Slides are available after the Kick-Off: click here

Language: English
Credit points/ Contact hours: 5 ECTS
Group Size: Limited to a maximum of 30 participants
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Registration Process
After applying for participation on StudOn to the course, you are placed on the waiting list. All students potentially interested in the course can join the Kick-Off Session to get an introduction to the format and topics. During the session, students will be provided with a link to bindingly register for the course. All students participating in Session II the week after the Kick-Off are thereby part of the course. Only in the case of a significant deviation from the maximum of 30 students will there be a random selection process with equal chances.

Although it cannot be guaranteed, there has never been a case that a student couldn’t participate in the course due to this limit.

CAMPO: Course information on CAMPO
Registration date: Earliest: 01.04. – 00:00     Latest: 24.04. – 13:15
Syllabus (PDF): DTP-Syllabus SS2024
Examination Code:
57508 Digital transformation project (5.0 ECTS)
  • Presentation (partly group work) (2,5 ECTS) (75081)
  • Seminar Paper (partly group work) (2,5 ECTS) (75082)
Available for programs:
Prof. Dr. Kathrin Möslein
Lecturers: Julius Kirschbaum

Joni Rihiimäki

Spyridon Koustas

Nina Lugmair

[ Is offered in summer term 2024 ]

In this course, students will focus on developing and evaluating solutions for organizational challenges in the context of digital transformation. In doing so, they work together with organizations from various industries and gain in-depth experience in solving organizational problems using a systematic design science research process. Moreover, they will get familiar with empirical research methods and improve their presentation as well as writing skills.

The case partner for this year is a large alliance that formed around IoT technologies.

The course is offered annually each summer term. The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30 students (Due to the interactive course format we can’t provide more seats in the course).


17.04.2024, 13:15 – 14:45 at Lange Gasse 20, room tba. All relevant information will be sent to applicants on StudOn.

Exam Registration:

After applying for participation on StudOn, you are placed on the waiting list. Any student can join the Kick-Off session to get information on the format, schedule, grading, and this year’s cases. Students then have time until session 1 to decide if they want to take the course. Those who join session 1 are accepted to the course.

Only in the case of a significant deviation from the maximum of 30 students will there be a random selection process with equal chances, which has never happened before.

All students attending session 1 will be registered for the two exams.

Fixed registration date
24.04.24 – 13:15

Post-Exam Reviews:

For a post-exam review, please contact us within the week after the publication of the grades to arrange an appointment.