Research Focus: Digital Innovation

The research stream “Digital Innovation” at Wi1 looks in depth at the way digitization allows for, drives or hinders innovation. We are especially interested in intangible innovations, like the innovation of services, systems or social settings and the practices, processes and platforms that enable new forms of value creation in these contexts. Typical questions we try to answer are:

  • How will big-data drive new digital service business-models?
  • How can toolkits support new forms of co-creation and personalization?
  • What kinds of tools and platforms are needed to support innovators in the digital age?

We, thus, strive to provide the knowledge and tools needed for leading innovation and transformation.

Research Projects

2016Camp224: Innovation Leadership/Business Management Executive Education

'Innovation Leadership & Business Management Executive Education' (EIT Health 2016Camp224) is a project with partners from six European countries focused on fostering excellence and innovation in health care and business management executive education. The project is funded within the Campus program of EIT Health.


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VeSiKi: Open Innovation für IT-Sicherheit Kritischer Infrastrukturen

VeSiKi ist das wissenschaftliche Begleitforschungsprojekt zu dem Forschungsprogramm IT-Sicherheit Kritischer Infrastrukturen. Es beschäftigt sich mit neuen, übergreifenden Ansätzen zur Beurteilung der IT-Sicherheit Kritischer Infrastrukturen, erarbeitet Verbesserungsvorschläge für bestehende technische sowie etablierte Prozesse, begleitet die Verbundprojekte und koordiniert die Zusammenarbeit.

Weite Bereiche des gesellschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Lebens hängen von s…

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S-CPS: Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Development of Roles, Views, Interfaces and User Mockup

The project S-CPS aims to identify and analyze productivity relevant factors for service operations to allow effective and efficient maintenance, by respecting local and technical conditions. Therefore a resource cockpit is developed, which brings together data streams of several heterogeneous production resources relevant for the mobile workforce to provide remote support for service operations. The resource cockpit will increase the maintenance and repair efficiency in manufacturing. The research focus is to shed light on the collaboration of cyber-physical systems and people. The project is part of the overall initiative “Industry 4.0”.

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IIP-Ecosphere: IIP-Ecosphere - Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production

In IIP-Ecosphere, we develop an ecosystem to reduce obstacles in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in production and its related processes with the aim to foster intelligent production systems. A framework will be established for

  • the unconstrained introduction of AI applications in SMEs
  • new, AI-driven services and data exchange
  • true AI-driven process chains
  • cooperation of diverse stakeholders
  • increased compatibility of systems
The “Chair of Information Systems, Innovation and Value Creation” primarily leverages its expertise in the areas of innovation, stakeholder integration, service systems engineering and business model design to support this undertaking. During the project, researcher of the chair are mainly responsible for the development of business models accompanying AI utilization and support in innovation.

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Digitization of the central transfer procedure for temporary employment

The main objective of the project “Digitization of the central transfer procedure for temporary employment” is the evaluation of a software that enables the digital admission process of temporary contract workers. Within this project the functionality of the interfaces, in particular with regard to the impact of digitization on safety and health at work, economic efficiency, the time required and the transparency of the provided software solution are being evaluated. The research project focuses on how the new software influences different work practices in a day to day environment. It distinguishes between the tasks of the company that receives the temporary contractors and the agency that provides the contractors. 

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BigDieMo: Entwicklung von Big-Data-Dienstleistungen und Baukasten-Prototyping mit KMUs (BigDieMo)

The project BigDieMo develops tools for the creation and implementation of Big Data services for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s). To achieve this, BigDieMo aims to empower SME’s to expand their current portfolio by using a methodical toolbox for the development of Big Data services and the according data based service business models. This toolbox will be developed in close collaboration with our partners from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), the University of Hamburg and…

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SASSCAL II: Ein wissenschaftliches Kompetenznetzwerkentwicklungsprojekt. Plattform- und Community-Management sowie Projektmentoring.

Das VRPE-Projekt zielt darauf ab, die vorhandenen regionalen Kapazitäten zu stärken, um Forschungsergebnisse für die Entscheidungsfindung im Bereich des Klimawandels und des angepassten Landmanagements durch die Entwicklung von Arbeitskraft und Bereitstellung von Dienstleistungen zu generieren und zu nutzen. Dabei soll ein dauerhaftes Netzwerk von Universitäten und anderen Forschungseinrichtungen geschaffen werden. Hauptziel ist es, auf Basis aktueller wissenschaftlicher Methoden und Technologien inn…

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