Innovation Design

Semester: Summer Semester & Winter Semester
Course Type: Seminar
Location: JOSEPHS – Die Service Manufaktur

Ecke Karl-Grillenberger-Str. 3/Hintere Ledergasse 44; 90402 Nürnberg


Mo., 01.07.2019, 9-17 Uhr

Mi., 03.07.2019, 9-17 Uhr

Sa., 06.07.2019, 9-17 Uhr

Language: English
Credit points/ Contact hours: 2,5 ECTS/ 2 SWS
StudOn: link

Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein

Dr. Dr. Albrecht Fritzsche

Sascha Julian Oks, M.Sc.

Aida Boukhris, M.Sc.


The course  Innovation design is organized as a four-day seminar spread on two weeks. The course is practice-oriented and provides insight about the process of innovation design, from the idea and opportunity identification stage to the value proposition prototyping and testing. The seminar follows a hands-on approach, where the students work in teams and progress through a structured path from a fuzzy idea to a concrete prototype, where they are supported by professional material and templates as well as examples from practice. Throughout the various activities, the students acquire sound knowledge about design thinking and lean methods to analyze, drive and design innovation-oriented projects and value-creation strategies. They also learn about value proposition and business modeling towards achieving product-market fit by integrating their customers along the innovation design process. Finally, the course aims to develop the presentation and storytelling skills of the students and enhance their pitching capabilities

The dates of the sessions are:

19.06.2019 09-17h  (12-13h: lunch break) @JOSEPHS
21.06.2019 09-17h  (12-13h: lunch break) @JOSEPHS
27.06.2019 09-17h  (12-13h: lunch break) @JOSEPHS
04.07.2019 09-16h30  (12-13h: lunch break) @JOSEPHS

Karl-Grillenberger-Straße 3
90402 Nürnberg

The registration for the seminar is done on StudOn, and the number of places is limited.

Furthermore, an examination application is obligatory via myCampus (in the examination registration period).