Tim Posselt

Dr. Tim Posselt

Postdoctoral Researcher

School of Business, Economics and Society
Chair of Information Systems I, Innovation and Value Creation (Prof. Dr. Möslein)

Lange Gasse, 20
90403 Nürnberg


Tim worked as a research assistant as well as a group manager at the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services in Nuremberg from 2011-2018. He received his Doctorate on “Organizational Competence for Servitization” from WI1 Innovation and Value Creation in 2017. As an independent researcher and consultant, Tim subsequently helped facilitate organizational change for a wide variety of enterprises in numerous countries.

His research focuses on value co-creation in complex service systems. Specifically, he aims to understand how such systems organize for distributive and regenerative value creation. Relevant questions to be addressed in this field are:

  • What are the system boundaries and who are the relevant stakeholders?
  • How do these stakeholders define value?
  • How can collaboration between these stakeholders be facilitated?
  • How is value distributed equitably and regeneratively among stakeholders?
  • How can value co-creation enable coviability with surrounding systems?


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