Guest lecture “Worldcoin – Humanness in the age of AI” by Fabian Bodensteiner (ToolsForHumanity)

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Yesterday we had the privilege of hosting a very special guest lecture by Fabian Bodensteiner in our joint course “Perspektiven der Wirtschaftswissenschaften”. Fabian Bodensteiner is Head of Manufacturing at Tools for Humanity (More about TFH here), a company in Erlangen which is currently building tools for the Worldcoin project. In his talk ‘Worldcoin – Humanness in the Age of AI’, he presented the hardware system behind World ID and how it is are able to prove unique humanity while remaining privacy. As well as the wider vision of Worlcoin to become the largest digital identity and financial network in the world, giving ownership to everyone.

For anyone interested in the Worldcoin project (Visit the Worldcoin project website), they will be present at JOSEPHS in the heart of Nuremberg from the middle of next week (More information about the open innovation lab JOSEPHS).