Connecting FAU’s Wi1 to University of Auckland

University of Auckland business school

Following an invitation by Schoeller fellow Dr. Julia Fehrer, Dr. Julia Jonas of Wi1 just spent two interesting and happy weeks as a guest researcher at the Business School of the University of Auckland, in New Zealand. Together with the Auckland team of researchers, the joint research project on innovation and markets could be further developed; research approaches were discussed, a broader audience of the business school was invited to learn about innovative projects in Nuremberg, and visits to the innovation infrastructure like the velocity Unleash space of the Engineering department, were easy to be done, once in Auckland. Rod Brodie and Julia Fehrer will take up the invitation to make a return visit and come back to Nuremberg in German summer – we are looking forward to welcoming them back in Franconia, soon, and are already discussing potentials for workshops and talks. More information on that will be provided timely.