Working Together on The Future of Engineering


Albrecht Fritzsche and Sascha Julian Oks met with regional officials of the Association of German Engineers (VDI) to hand over their compilation on the Future of Engineering, published in the renowned Springer Series on Philosophy of Engineering and Technology (POET). The book presents twenty different views on contemporary challenges for engineering in theory and practice, which will shape the future of the discipline and its interaction with other stakeholders in technology and innovation. The authors are leading researchers in the fields of engineering, management, the theory and history of science, ethics and the philosophy of technology. The topics addressed in the book include such issues as collaborative problem solving, sustainability, education, assisted living, privacy, complexity and risk, ethics and value assessment.

The book is inspired by meeting of the international forum for Philosophy, Engineering and Technology (fPET) held in Nuremberg at Friedrich-Alexander University. In handing over the book to the VDI officials, Albrecht Fritzsche, chair of the fPET meeting, expressed his gratitude for the support of the engineers’ association during the event and their openness to a common dialogue. As Fritzsche and Oks emphasize in their introductory chapter of the book, the future of engineering will not so much be shaped by the solutions that are created, but rather by the way how people engage with each other to come to terms with the possibilities of technical progress and innovation.

So see a preview of the book and its introductory chapter, please follow this link.


Table of Contents

Albrecht Fritzsche, Sascha Julian Oks: Translations of Technology and the Future of Engineering

Zachary Pirtle et al.: “The One, the Few or the Many?”: Using Independence As a Strategy in Engineering Development and Modeling

Sjoerd Zwart et al.. Practical Inference—A Formal Analysis

Mark Thomas Young: Intuition and Ineffability: Tacit Knowledge and Engineering Design

Terry Bristol: The Engineering Knowledge Research Program

Viola Schiaffonati: Philosophy of Engineering and the Quest for a Novel Notion of Experimentation

Nico Formanek: Demarcating Simulation

Nan Wang, Bocong Li: Three Stages of Technical Artifacts’ Life Cycle: Based on a Four Factors Theory

José Aravena-Reyes: Métis: Reconfiguring the Philosophy of Engineering

Tuna Baskoy: Thorstein B. Veblen’s Philosophy of Technology and Modern Capitalism

Rafaela Hillerbrand, Kathrin Goldammer: Energy Technologies and Human Well-being. Using Sustainable Design for the Energy Transition

Erik W. Aslaksen: Technology, Society, and Survival

Andy Neely et al.: Manufacturing with a big M – The Grand Challenges of Engineering in Digital Societies

Cecilia Moloney et al.: Fostering Subjectivity in Engineering Education: Philosophical Framework and Pedagogical Strategies

Édison Renato Silva et al. Managing the State of the Art of Engineering: Learning from Medicine

Glen Miller: What Ethics Owes Engineering

Hidekazu Kanemitsu: New Trends in Engineering Ethics – A Japanese Perspective

Nolen Gertz: Nietzsche, Postphenomenology, and Nihilism-Technology Relations

Bruno Gransche: Assisting Ourselves to Death – A Philosophical Reflection on Lifting a Finger with Advanced Assistive Systems

Kristen Psaty: Engineering Privacy on the Scaffolds: An Existentialist Examination of Privacy by Design