Future of work: training future ICT entrepreneurs


STARTIFY7 is a Horizon2020 project aimed at training young European future ICT entrepreneurs.This a challenging task, since existing European ICT entrepreneurship training initiatives are characterised by a general fragmentation and a lack of a ‘learning-by-doing’ training approach. STARTIFY7 is an innovative and ambitious project aiming to go beyond the state-of-the-art and create strong synergies with existing initiatives and projects. Seven thematically focussed Summer Academies will be held in 7 different European cities and will follow a lean-training structure and emphasise strong team-building and learning-by-doing processes.

Jointly with UTUM in Munich, our chair will host the academy that focuses on Cyber-Physical-Systems and Internet of Things, and will train future entrepreneurs in product design as well as business models based on decentralized manufacturing and a customer driven approach. Besides, our team is developing the online platform that aims to provide clear value to the stakeholders by being the one stop destination for all start-up related information and by simplifying all processes involved.


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