Space and place – an emerging theme in open innovation


Leading scholars convened in a field-configuring event for research on open innovation at this year’s meeting of the Academy of Management in Atlanta. WI1 was actively involved, facilitating a discussion group on space and place in open innovation, together with Susanne Ollila of Chalmers University, Sweden.

Nuremberg’s ZOLLHOF – tech Incubator and the open innovation lab JOSEPHS are only two out of many different environments in which open innovation takes place. There is still a lot to learn about the ways how these environments create spaces where interaction, creativity and collaboration can flourish. The workshop built further momentum to drive research in this area ahead, exchange thoughts and align interests in this topic. Wi1 plays a leading role in these activities, with recent publications like Möslein and Fritzsche (2017), Fritzsche (2017; 2016) and many others.

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