Regional Innovation Hub Nuremberg

IIP-Ecosphere - Next Level Ecosphere for Intelligent Industrial Production

Regional Innovation Hub Nuremberg

The aim of the RIH is to achieve network effects for innovation activities in the field of intelligent production. For this purpose the RIH networks interested start-ups and innovative SMEs with the thematic focus “AI for intelligent production”.

The partners involved in the RIH have experience, infrastructure and networks in the areas of innovation support, business start-ups and organising innovation events, such as matchmaking (here between manufacturing companies and SMEs/start-ups), hackathons, mini-conferences and technology demonstrations. In addition to the networking of stakeholders, the IIP consortium expects the RIHs to transfer innovative ideas from the think tanks into products of small companies willing to take risks. We also expect a feedback of requirements, experiences and ideas into the Think Tanks and the AI-Accelerator.

The RIH in Nuremberg is supported by JOSEPHS, Zollhof Tech Incubator and the IHK Nuremberg.

If you are interested in the points mentioned above, please feel free to contact us using the following form. We will then provide you with targeted support or connect you with relevant partners from the consortium and the ecosystem.

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