Patenting for Innovation


Semester: Winter Semester
Course Type: Lecture
Location: Nürnberg
Time: Monday, 16:45 – 18:15 (first lecture on 17th October 2022)
Language: English
Credit points/ Contact hours: 5 ECTS/ 4 SWS

Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Grill

Timon Sengewald, M.Sc.



[ Findet im WS 22/23 statt / Is offered in winter term 22/23 ]

Intellectual Properties (IPs) in general and especially patents play an important role in innovation in any Hightech society. This topic is multi-faceted and can be accessed from different viewpoints e.g. business, politics, legal framework, organization, etc.

In this course, we will introduce IPs and patents in general and focus on the role of IPs and patents in research, development and (open) Innovation. Additionally, we will examine the patent exploitation through licensing contracts and patent pools and the patent policies in the European Union, China and USA.

During the course, the students will learn to understand the role of patenting in the Innovation process. By doing so, they will gain deeper insights into the roles of IP in various types of businesses and in different regions and contexts.


Registration via StudOn will be open from 12th September to 14th October. The number of places is limited using first come, first served.

Furthermore, an examination application is obligatory via myCampus (in the examination registration period).


  • Lecture starts on 17th October 2022 (16.45-18.15)


Date                     Timeframe                       Setting (Link on StudOn)

17.10.                  16:45 – 18:15                    Nürnberg

24.10.                  no lecture                         Nürnberg

31.10.                  16:45 – 18:15                    Nürnberg

07.11.                  16:45 – 18:15                    Nürnberg

14.11.                  16:45 – 18:15                    Nürnberg

21.11.                  16:45 – 18:15                    Nürnberg

28.11.                  16:45 – 18:15                   Nürnberg

05.12.                  16:45 – 18:15                  Nürnberg

12.12.                  16:45 – 18:15                  Nürnberg

19.12.                  16:45 – 18:15                  Nürnberg