Kick-off of the executive education program “Leading Digital Transformation” at IIM Bangalore, India


Digital transformation has become a goal for many companies that aim to embrace the digital age and revamp their business models and strategies. It transcends add-on features to existing channels or products and services, and encompasses many aspects of the customer experience, as well as the processes that underpin it. For many practitioners, as for scholars, the concept of digital transformation remains though fuzzy as each industry is different and the capabilities differ from one form to another. Besides, guidelines and frameworks for successful implementation of digital transformation are also necessary for industrials on the verge of transformation.
With this goal in focus, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg has launched the executive education program “leading Digital Transformation” to equip senior managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate digital transformation within their companies. This program has been developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IIS and the Indian Institute of Management of Bangalore in India.
The two last weeks were marked by the official kick-start of the program at the campus of the world-renowned IIMB in India, and witnessed the participation of twenty-four decision makers from both German- and Indian-based large international companies. The participants learned about platform business models which remain a key concept to discussions about digitalization, corporate entrepreneurship as well as resources management requirements when it comes to the implementation of digital transformation. During that week, the CEO of Mahindra electric came to visit the group of participants and portrayed the vision of the company regarding not only its digital agenda pertaining to e-mobility, but also the future of transportation in India as well as the implications of digitalization for the larger ecosystem of stakeholders. They have also offered a driving session of their latest e-vehicles on campus for the participants. Besides, to get a better understanding of platform business models, the group visited the startup Tarnea and engaged in a lively discussion with its founder and qualified employees. This fast-growing venture has changed the game of the pharmaceutical industry in India by introducing a platform that has enabled the traceability and identification of medicine circulating in India and that has orchestrated the network of distributors, manufacturers and retailers by leveraging the data to enable new business processes for all the parties involved on the platform. 
Finally, “Leading Digital Transformation” is a program that not only offers a learning and networking opportunity, but also presents an outstanding stage for the participants to exchange between one another about good practices and previous experiences in digital transformation. Furthermore, the program allows them to get better acquainted with the culture and business opportunities of each of the collaborating countries. Therefore, after viting Bangalore in India, all participants will spend another week in Nuremberg and Erlangen in May this year to learn further about the technologies relevant to digital transformation and especially how can they leverage them for implementing innovative business models.

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