Fritzsche and Zwack explore the role of peer-to-peer structures for insurance innovation


Insurance is a well-established form or risk-sharing among peers. The digital transformation, however, enables new ways of sharing which go beyond everything that the insurance industry has so far addressed. Albrecht Fritzsche and HHL’s Thomas Zwack study the state of the art of innovative peer-to-peer solutions in their recent work on online offerings for risk sharing.  Albrecht has presented the results at the AoM Specialized Conference on Big Data and Managing in the Digital Economy in front of an audience of experts in strategic management, organization studies and information systems research, who learned about the distinction between technical and commercial notions of peer-to-peer solutions, as well as the treatment of moral hazard, which relates online offerings for risk sharing back to the idea of a community in which financial insurance is just one mechanism among many others.

German readers can find further information in the following publications:

Zwack, T. (2017). Peer-to-Peer-Geschäftsmodelle zur Absicherung privater Risiken: Eine Exploration am Beispiel Wildschaden. Springer-Verlag

Zwack, T., Habicht, H., & Lüdemann, V. (2016). Peer-to-Peer-Absicherung privater Risiken: Eine Exploration am Beispiel von Wildschaden. Zeitschrift für die gesamte Versicherungswissenschaft, 105(4), 325-353.

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