Open Doors for JOSEPHS in Eastern Asia


FAU and Fraunhofer IIS have recently signed an agreement with Feng Chia University and the Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau about further collaborations on JOSEPHS. The agreement has raised attention all across the country, being featured in one of the biggest newspapers of Taiwan.

In the course of the past years, wi1 member Albrecht Fritzsche has regularly visited Taiwan to develop common activities in the field of open innovation, design and entrepreneurship. Numerous workshops have been held on location with FAU’s partner University Feng Chia, Purdue University and other institutions to make the JOSEPHS innovation approach known and develop common activities surrounding it. With the new agreement, the path is open for all innovators to gain easy access to audiences in both countries during their research and development activities. JOSEPHS, the Design Lab at Feng Chia, and the Technology Hub at Central Taiwan Science Park will gladly help each other out with their respective networks and business ecosystems.

SIT Industries from Nuremberg’s Tech Incubator ZOLLHOF has already made good use of this opportunity with several visits to Taiwan to develop their business into new directions. More will follow soon.