[MA/BA/PA] Analysing AI innovation process models


Various approaches to innovation have been studied in innovation management and some of them address the process of innovation (Taferner, 2017). While processes, such as the StageGate Model(C) (Cooper, 1990) and the more detailed Big Picture(C) (Lercher, 2016) take generic approaches to innovation, other research aims to develop specialised process models. One of these fields of research concerns artificial intelligence (AI) innovation processes, such as Brunnbauer et al. (2021). The plethora of models resulted in partially overlapping models while being different, at the same time. The aim of this study is to collect and analyse these models.

Problem Statement

Companies often use their generic models for innovation, regardless of the types of innovation they are conducting. However, there is a range of research that has developed specialised innovation processes that are better suited for specific innovations, such as AI-based innovations. While this is useful for organisations, there is little overview of all the models and which ones had success.

Subject of the Thesis and Directions for Research

The core objective of this thesis is to explore the large amount of innovation processes for AI:

  1. Collecting specific AI innovation processes
  2. Categorising the models
  3. Analysing their characteristics
  4. Extracting common design features
  5. Drawing conclisions


Data collection can be literature based (systematic literature review) or conducted in the field with organisations (interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc.).

We encourage motivated and enthusiastic students especially in the field of information systems, industrial engineering and business administration to apply for this thesis.


The thesis and application material can be submitted in English or German.

Call for action

Julius Kirschbaum, M. Sc.

Research Associate and Doctoral Student

School of Business, Economics and Society
Chair of Information Systems I, Innovation and Value Creation (Prof. Dr. Möslein)

Please apply to Julius Kirschbaum following the guidelines for thesis applications on our chair’s website.

IMPORTANT: Read this short handout on the thesis process: Student Theses – Process (09.05.23)


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