Factors for the successful integration of artificial intelligence business models

A plethora of actors from research and practice alike marvel about the great potential of the application of artificial intelligence (AI). However, when it comes to the hard facts, firms regularly struggle to identify suitable business cases to regain the heavy investments often necessary to develop AI-based offerings.

Hence theses in this topic revolve around factors influencing the successful utilization of AI, approached from a broader economic or the more specific business model perspective.

Theses in this center of gravity are expected to examine factors, which are important for the integration of AI or AI business models into an organization.


// The integration and utilization of external resources and capabilities sourced via partnerships, platforms, networks or ecosystems for artificial intelligence business models (AIBM).

  • How can open innovation practices support the design, implementation and/or utilization of AIBM?
  • Strategic or organizational challenges of the utilization of external resources and capabilities for AIBM.
  • Make or buy decisions in the field of AI.


// The integration of AI into working processes

  • This topic can revolve around the integration of AI into established working processes or around design guidelines for new processes.
  • Approaches from Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) and Change Management can be interesting research frameworks for this topic. Moreover, technology adoption on a person or organizational level constitutes a suitable research context.


Potential topics in this center of gravity shall revolve around the fields of information systems as well as strategic or organizational management. Theses in this topic are connected to the research project IIP-Ecosphere (https://www.iip-ecosphere.eu/) of our chair.

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Matthäus Wilga (matthaeus.wilga@fau.de) and regard the guidelines for thesis applications on our chair’s website (https://www.wi1.rw.fau.de/thesis-offerings/).