Concept for an online database and community around artificial intelligence business models

A plethora of actors from research and practice alike marvel about the great potential of the application of artificial intelligence (AI). However, when it comes to the hard facts, firms regularly struggle to identify suitable business cases to regain the heavy investments often necessary to develop AI-based offerings.

In this design-oriented thesis, you will design and prototype a web-based database for the collection of characteristics and learnings about artificial intelligence business models. This platform shall be fostered by a community interested in artificial intelligence business models, hence part of this thesis is to create a concept to establish such a community around the platform.

Programming/Web-Development skills are highly welcome for this thesis.

The thesis shall revolve around the fields of information systems as well as innovation managementand will be connected to the research project IIP-Ecosphere ( of our chair.

If you are interested in this topic, please contact Matthäus Wilga ( and regard the guidelines for thesis applications on our chair’s website (