[BA] Challenges in digital servitization – A literature review

General Topic Challenges in digital servitization – A literature review
Research Environment In the context of digitalization, servitization research is getting a boost. Digital technologies are opening up new potential for offering product service systems in the digital age. Due to the influence of digitization, manufacturing firms are facing new challenges in the context of their servitization transformation, which are currently insufficiently considered. In order to meet most of these challenges, it is first necessary to understand them.
Goal The goal of this work is to identify and organize existing challenges of digital servitization. This will help manufacturing firms to be more aware of the challenges so that they can address them successfully.
Requirenments This thesis is in the field of IS and requires understanding of the empirical field of the manufacturing industry, motivation to apply solid scientific methods, and interest in academic research. The thesis can be written in English or German.
Approach This thesis pursues a systematic literature review according to Webster & Watson
References – Webster, J., & Watson, R. T. (2002). Analyzing the past to prepare for the future: Writing a literature review
– Paschou, T., Rapaccini, M., Adrodegari, F., & Saccani, N. (2020). Digital servitization in manufacturing: A systematic literature review and research agenda. Industrial Marketing Management, 89, 278–292.

Contact: Julian Kurtz


  1. Apply for this thesis by sending an e-mail with a short motivational text and current transcript to julian.kurtz@fau.de
  2. Initial meeting to discuss the topic and get to know each other
  3. Drafting an exposé
    1. Refine the problem statement
    2. Demonstrate the relevance
    3. Find your research question
    4. Build your research design
  4. Feedback meetings with supervisor during development
  5. Hand-in your thesis